Cotton is a natural renewable resource

Cotton is a part of our daily lives and has hundreds of uses, from blue jeans to soap. All parts of the cotton plant are useful, the most important being the fibre or lint, which is used to make yarn for cotton cloth. The linters (the short fuzz on the seed) provide amongst others cellulose […]

A true renewable source of fibre

Cotton has been used as a fibre for more than 7000 years! Unlike fossil based fibres, cotton is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and carbon neutral and can be used without depleting or damaging the environment, thus making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fibre throughout its entire product life cycle. New technology, such as insect-resistant and […]

A Sustainable Cotton Industry

To advance South Africa to an environmentally responsible future, the cotton industry is continuing with the development and implementation of new technologies and methods of cotton production and manufacturing, and developing new uses for the cotton plant that will result in meeting consumer needs and to balance productivity and profit, without compromising the ability of […]

Cotton South Africa

Cotton South Africa is a non-profit organisation that brings together both private and public sector organisations involved in the entire cotton industry value chain, including producers, organised labour, consumer organisations and service providers, to stabilise employment and improve overall competitiveness in the cotton industry. We promote a Southern African regional value chain which will result […]

Current Cotton SA Market Report 
While global cotton consumption is expected to increase by only 1% in 2019/20, global production is expected by the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) to increase by 7% to 27.6 million tons. A higher US cotton crop will provide well over half of the higher production with India accounting for most of the rest. Production in the Southern Hemisphere will be down slightly as expansion in Brazil slows down following the near 40% growth in 2018/19, whilst Australia continues to face serious water shortages. Cotton production in China is expected to remain stable. Read More
Cotton SA Latest Crop Estimate
As far as the local outlook is concerned, the 5th estimate for the 2018/19 production year indicates a cotton crop of 244 649 lint bales for the RSA, an increase of 30% over the previous season and 4% up from last month’s estimate due to better than expected yields. Dryland and irrigation hectares show increases of 33% and 22% respectively over the previous year mainly due to the more favourable prices of cotton in relation to competitive crops but also due to renewed interest in cotton production. Read More
Latest Cotton Situation for SA
As at the end of the 2018/19 marketing season (31 March 2019) there 14 378 tons of seed cotton and 2 856 tons of cotton lint in stock at cotton ginners; 2 356 tons of cotton lint was produced by ginners in March and 3 082 tons were sold. Cotton spinners consumed 1 493 tons of cotton lint in March whilst 2 815 tons were in stock at the end of March 2019. Local cotton mill use for the 2018/19 marketing season was 12% down from the 2017/18 season, mainly due to the closure of the Swaziland spinning mill at the end of 2017. Read More
Latest International Reports
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ICA Bremen Certification
Cotton South Africa (Cotton SA) has become the first laboratory to be certified under the ICA Bremen ‘International Laboratory Certification Scheme’. Designed to raise the bar in the quality testing arena, the aim of the scheme is to establish an approved list of laboratories worldwide that meet a standard level of quality assurance. With our long standing history of classing and HVI fibre testing experience, we will endeavour to uphold the proud standard level of quality assurance within the international cotton environment as well as the aims and contract sanctity values of ICA Bremen.” Eleven laboratories are currently in the process of assessment. Once certified, they will become a ‘laboratory of choice’ to resolve quality disputes in line with the ICA Bylaws & Rules, as well as providing a service to the cotton industry. Bremen


Cotton South Africa’s Services

We provide an industry forum for the whole cotton value chain, information, advise government and promote the development of cotton farmers all over the country.

Cotton South Africa's Programmes

We run various programmes to constantly promote and develop the cotton industry in South Africa, such as the Smallholder Farmers Skills Development Programme, designed specifically to support smallholder cotton farmers and the Cotton Certification Scheme regulating the use of the Cotton Trade Mark. We also manage the Sustainable Cotton Cluster, focused on driving a more sustainable cotton supply chain.

The Cotton Mark

The Cotton Mark is a registered trademark launched by South African cotton producers in 1985 as a quality mark for cotton merchandise.

Since then the use of the Cotton Mark was granted to many of the important players in the cotton...

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Small-Holder Farmers

Small-holder farmers have an important part to play in building a sustainable future for the cotton industry. We provide training and support in a programme that has already delivered notable success. Over the years, their contribution to the cotton sector has grown significantly.

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Sustainable Cotton Cluster

The Sustainable Cotton Cluster programme brings together the entire cotton value chain, including the public sector, organised labour, consumer organisations, service providers and dedicated cluster management.

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